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Easy ways to watch Netflix on TV / best options

Netflix is the best option when you have nothing to do but what can make it more amazing, obviously a big screen. So, if you are looking for, how to watch Netflix on TV then you don’t need to worry at all because here are best ways showing how to watch Netflix on TV in just a few easy stepwise ways.


Easy ways to watch Netflix on TV:



If you want to watch Netflix on tv, you have various options to go with. And one of them is to use a smart tv app. Before having access to the Netflix app, you need to have smart tv operating systems. Earlier, it was Firefox tv but now there are many including Tizen, Web OS, Android TV, and Roku TV. All these smart TV operating systems offers a Netflix app, which can easily be controlled with your remote.

Even sometimes, you may get a pre-installed Netflix App in the latest television models. But if you don’t have the app, install it first then get started with the app and enter your Netflix credentials. You’ll be getting access to Netflix content in just a few microseconds.



Another option to watch Netflix on tv is to use a Chromecast. Sometimes, due to variation in tv models and designs, the smart tv operating systems may not give you dynamically acceptable results with Netflix App. So, in order to get access to the quality content of Netflix, you can go for a Chromecast Dongle. If you have any tablet or smartphone, the thing you have to do is to buy a Chromecast Dongle and get Netflix directly from the mobile version of the Netflix App.

To cast Netflix to Chromecast, the following steps are to be done:

  • If you have Netflix app, open the app or if not then install it first.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll find a button namely cast icon; You need to tap it.
  • After this, a list of available devices will be opened.
  • Tap on the one you are using to connect to it.
  • In a few nanoseconds, the connection process will be done and you’ll get access to Netflix.



Earlier, we have discussed Google Chromecast, but very few people know that there is a discovery of an alternative of that Chromecast, which is Miracast. Basically, Miracast is mere an alternate solution to HDMI cables. The Wi-Fi affiliated Miracast technology has been discovered in 2013, which is modified to be suitable with a maximum of all the Android-powered devices, or even Windows running version 8.1

Nowadays, Smart TVs also offer the same technology comfortably. To use Miracast on Android, you need to follow the respective steps –

  • Go to settings and then click on Display.
  • Tap the Cast Screen button on it.
  • And then simply select the receiver’s name.



HDMI Cable, using it would be a worth and easy way to approach Netflix. From where would you get it? You don’t need to worry because it is cheaply available on Amazon, the biggest online shopping portal.

Even setting up of a HDMI Cable is easy enough. To use HDMI cable to access Netflix, you just have to follow the respective steps :

  • Just connect one end of HDMI cable to your TV and the other end to your computer.
  • On computer or laptop or any other device, firstly open up the Netflix App and choose the content you wish to watch.
  • At the same time, select the correct input channel on your tv.
  • Your computer or laptop or the device concerned will be connected to TV in just few seconds.



You can use HDMI cable with Mac too. You just need to follow the respective steps –

  • Open the Apple Menu on your device
  • Click on the icon representing System Preferences
  • Then choose Displays.
  • Hold down the option key for a few seconds
  • Click on Detect Displays which you’ll find in the lower right-hand corner.

And if your Apple laptops do not have the provisions to support HDMI port, so you will have to go for buying an adapter first.



Now, you might get surprised to know that Apple is the only company which doesn’t support any of the gadgets including Chromecast, Miracast or even sometimes HDMI cables.

The only thing which can work with Apple devices is Apple AirPlay technology with a web app version of Netflix. You have one more way to get started with Netflix on Apple devices, and for that, you need Apple TV and installed Netflix App.


CONCLUSION: Easy ways to watch Netflix on TV / best options

Thus, on the basis of the above details of different and reliable ways to watch Netflix on TV, you can easily go ahead to watch Netflix on a big screen. Also, let us know which method to connect Netflix to tv is the easiest in your eyes.

Stay tuned for more concerned information and let us know if you have any query related to it.

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