Apple sets June 3 for worldwide develpers conference keynote to highlight new software

Apple sets June 3 for worldwide developers conference keynote to highlight new software


Apple a famous brand of iPhones is all set for June 3 for Worldwide keynote to highlight new software.  It is a Worldwide developers conference, in which keynote will happen on June 3, with the makers of iPhone planning to unveil new software features aimed at catching their loyal customers in a smartphone market.


The details regarding this conference are, the conference will be held at 10 am. It is also going to stream on the Apple website. Thousands of developers will attend this. The reason behind this conference is simple, company plans to reveal updates to its operating systems for the iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Mac and Apple TV.


The company Apple is going to add app store directly in the Apple watch, so that users can download apps on the go, making the device more independent. In addition to this, Apple is bringing the voice memos app from the iPad, iPhone, mac so users can record voice memos from their wrist. They are also going to add Animoji and Memojis stickers to the device. The watch includes other amazing features also, the watch will get an Apple books app for listening to audiobooks from the wrist and a calculator app.


Well, the biggest change is going to happen here. There will be a new Apple Music app, which is being developed as a standard Mac program. IPads apps have the ability to run on laptops and desktops,  the biggest change coming to the Mac this year. The company Apple is also planning to bring a couple of its own iPad apps to the Mac this year.

Other updates coming to Mac includes screen time; effects and stickers for the messages app; integration with the Siri shortcuts app; the new reminder app; and upgrades to apple books.


For IOS 13 codenamed “Yukon” operating system for iPhones and iPads include tweaks and new features across several apps. Codenamed “Azul”, in this company is already working. It is expected to support 5G wireless network speeds and new AR functionally for next year’s iPhone.

The company is also adding a testing a new keyboard option that allows users to swipe across letters on the keyboard in one motion to type out words. This is similar to options on Android handsets and it would complete with third-party iPhone app such Swift key.


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